HAMKO Electric & Electronics

HAMKO Electric & Electronics(HEE):

HEE is the youngest concern of HAMKO group paving the way into the vast field electrical and electronics products. Since HAMKO has been actively engaged on the DC domain of energy side, its vision to venture into AC domain has given birth of HEE. With the establishment of HEE, HAMKO has presences in both AC and DC spectrum of energy.

. Bangladesh, with rising middle class population, offers a big opportunity in this market which is so far driven by imported products. Experience and expertise in the local manufacturing as well as trading, has given HAMKO unique strength to combine both manufacturing and importing to create a rich portfolio of electrical products.

HEE specializes in the manufacturing high low voltage products for the mass market. HEE also imports various high quality electrical products from different countries China & India, Srilanka. HEE is also driven by the core business principle of HAMKO group that is good quality product with reasonable price. HAMKO group operates very closely with the customers which gives it strong competitive advantage. HEE aims to become a trusted and chosen in name this arena like all other concerns of HAMKO group.


  1. Low voltage MC, MCCB, MCB, DB Box
  2. Switch and Socket, Extension Socket
  3. Ceiling Fan, Exhaust Fan
  4. Lighting- LED, CFL, Tube, Panel Light

HEE Associated BRANDS:

  1. Osram
  2. ABB
  4. Orange

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