Glogo Industries Limited

Glogo Industries Limited(GIL):

GIL was established to tap into the growth opportunity of this growing sector. GIL specializes in the manufacturing and export of exclusive leather products both inside and outside Bangladesh. GIL has gained confidence of some top class brands in a short span of time and successfully exported its product to countries like Japan, Italy, Germany, China and India.

With ethical practice as the core driving principle, it can be rightfully said that after almost 4 decades of business, HAMKO Group has come a long way to establish itself as a prominent player in the business and trade industry of Bangladesh contributing to the economic growth of the country from its modest position.

Glogo Industries Limited is a fully compliance factory. We ensure the following facilities to our employees:

  1. We ensure all salary and benefits to our employees as per Bangladesh Govt. Labor Law
  2. Fully digitalized attendance system for everyone.
  3. Our buildings are built by high magnitude earthquake resistant steel.
  4. We ensure Personal Protective Equipment's (PPE).
  5. We have highly trained up first-aid. fire and rescue team.
  6. Fire related all equipments are available in proper area.
  7. Generator facility is available in this factory.
  8. We maintain waste segregation policy
  9. We practice BSCI Code of conduct., iCS Code of Conduct.
  10. Drinking water facilities are available in all factory which is tested and approved by lcddr,b.
  11. We are conscious about our environment hence we have done our Qtex report.
  12. We have childcare room and available dining facilities.
  13. All factory area covered under CCTV
  14. Occupational health and safety training organized by us for all worker
  15. We ensure material safety data sheet - MSDS for all personnel
  16. Enough space for fresh air in factory area and well ventilation system in the production floor.

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